The Photographer


Hi!  My name is Mariëtte de Meyer and if you would like to know a little bit more about the person behind the camera, there are a few passions in my life, and I am sure that when I tell you about my passions, you would have a pretty good idea of who I am…

The first love of my life is my Creator.  He is the One that gave me all of the other passions in order for me to be able to do exactly what He intended me to do… His Plan is far greater than any plan that I could ever have had for my life, and I thank Him every day for showing me this…

Like I said, there are a few things that He uses to get me where He wants me.  These things are a passion for business, photography and horses.  Although I cannot tell you which of these are closest to my heart, I do know that God gave me photography because He wants to use me in photography.  He gave me a great talent, and I know that if you want me to take photographs for you, I will be the perfect person for the job!

I am really looking forward to meeting you!  Have a blessed day,

Mariëtte de Meyer


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